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How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)



A man tells his children wild stories of the antics of him and his friends leading up to how he met their mother.


This is a hilarious show! Yeah it drags on but I guess that's the point. It's the longest story ever that often digresses from the main point of the story and veers into side back stories, but it remains entertaining. It's a bit frustrating sometimes how Ted, the main character and the father telling the kids the story of how he met their mother, will tease the audience with mentioning that the mother had some part in the story but it never actually shows her. Makes you wonder how long are they going to drag this story out, and when will he finally meet the mother, and why have they dragged it on this far? Now everything has bad and good aspects so I don't want to give an impression that I dislike the show from my critiques. I said I thought it was hilarious and absolutely entertaining. What ridiculous occurrence is going to happen to Ted and the gang next and when will Ted finally meet the mother of his future kids? It keeps you hooked.




Josh Radnor ... Ted Mosby
Jason Segel ... Marshall Erikson
Neil Patrick Harris ... Barney Stinson
Alyson Hannigan ... Lily Aldrin
Cobie Smulders ... Robin Scherbatsky
Lyndsy Fonseca ... Daughter
David Henrie ... Son

Guest Stars:
Wayne Brady ... James Stinson (14 episodes)
Jennifer Morrison ... Zoey Pierson (13 episodes)
Chris Elliot ... Mickey Aldrin (12 episodes)
Sarah Chalke ... Dr. Stella Zinman (12 episodes)
Kyle MacLachlan ... The Captain (7 episodes)
Joe Manganiello ... Brad Morris (7 episodes)
John Lithgow ... Jerry Whitaker (4 episodes)
Martin Short ... Garrison Cootes (3 episodes)
Bryan Cranston ... Hammond Druthers (3 episodes)
Enrique Iglesias ... Gael (2 episodes)
Britney Spears ... Abby (2 episodes)
Will Forte ... Randy (2 episodes)
Thomas Lennon ... Klaus (2 episodes)
Chris Kattan ... Jed Moseley (2 episodes)
Katie Holmes ... Naomi (2 episodes)
Jennifer Lopez ... Anita Appleby (1 episode)
Michael York ... Jefferson Van Smoot (1 episode)
Seth Green ... Daryl LaCorte (1 episode)
Katy Perry ... Honey (1 episode)