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Villains: Butler, Stepmother, Uncle


The Aristocats: Edgar (butler to Madame)
The Haunted Mansion: Ramsley (butler to Mr. Gracy)

Cinderella: Lady Tremaine (stepmother of Cinderella)
Enchanted: Queen Narissa (stepmother of Prince Edward)
Snow White: Evil Queen (stepmother of Snow White)

As You Like It: Frederick (uncle of Rosalind)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: Miraz (uncle of Caspian)
Ella Enchanted: Edgar (uncle of Prince Char)
Hamlet: Claudius (uncle of Hamlet)
The Lion King: Scar (uncle of Simba)
Nicholas Nickleby: Ralph Nickleby (uncle of Nicholas Nickleby)
The Princess Diaries 2: Viscount Mowbray (uncle of Nicholas Devereaux)
Richard III: Richard duke of Gloucester (uncle of Prince Edward and Richard duke
            of York)