Parents and Children


Father    Mother    Daughter    Son

Peter Highman, Sarah Highman, and Rosie Highman
Due Date

Ray Kinsella, Annie Kinsella, and Karen Kinsella
Field of Dreams

Victor, Hillary, and children: Phillip and Emma
The Grass is Greener

Greg Focker, Pam Focker, and children: Henry Focker and Samantha Focker
Little Fockers

Harry, Karen, and children: Bernie and Daisy
Love Actually

Dr. Benjamin McKenna, Josephine McKenna, and Hank McKenna
The Man Who Knew Too Much

Roger, Mary, and Ben
Peter's Friends

The Postman, Abby, and Hope
The Postman

Eliot Ness, Katherine Ness, and daughter
The Untouchables

Others not pictured:

Mufasa, Sarabi, and Simba
The Lion King

King Stefan, Queen, and Princess Aurora
Sleeping Beauty

KingQueen, and Rapunzel

King Odin, Queen, and Thor