Ella Enchanted
(1) - Begins with family: Peter the father, a mother, and Ella the daughter.
(2) - the mother passes away leaving single father Peter with daughter Ella.
(3) - Peter remarries to stepmother Dame Olga and she has two daughters of her own: Olive and Hattie.
final number in family: 5

The Night of the Hunter
(1) - Begins with family: Ben Harper the father, Willa Harper the mother, John Harper the son, and Pearl Harper the daughter.
(2) - Ben gets taken out and so it becomes single mother Willa with children John and Pearl .
(3) - Willa marries Harry Powell, making him the stepfather to John and Pearl.
(4) - Willa gets taken out, leaving stepfather Harry alone with the children.
(5) - Harry is arrested and taken care of.
final number in family: 2