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Fathers in Movies

Air Force One
President James Mitchell
    children: 1 daughter (Alice)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Caractacus Potts
    children: 1 son (Jeremy), 1 daughter (Jemima)

Ella Enchanted
    children: 1 daughter (Ella)

    children: 1 daughter (Morgan)

Field of Dreams
Ray Kinsella
    children: 1 daughter (Karin)

The Ghost
    children: 1 son (Hamlet)
    children: 1 son (Laertes), 1 daughter (Ophelia)

The Incredibles
Bob Parr
    children: 2 sons (Dash and Jack-Jack), 1 daughter (Violet)

Indiana Jones
Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
    children: 1 son (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones
    children: 1 son (Mutt Williams)

King Lear
King Lear
    children: 3 daughters (Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia)
Earl of Gloucester
    children: 2 sons (Edmund and Edgar)

The King's Speech
King George V
    children: 2 sons (Edward and George)
King George VI
    children: 2 daughters (Elizabeth and Margaret)

The Lion King
    children: 1 son (Simba)

Love Actually
    children: 1 son (Bernard), 1 daughter (Daisy)

Mary Poppins
George Banks
    children: 1 son (Michael), 1 daughter (Jane)

Meet the Fockers
Jack Byrnes
    children: 2 daughters (Pam and Debbie), 1 son (Denny)
Bernie Focker
    children: 1 son (Gaylord)

Much Ado About Nothing
    children: 1 daughter (Hero)

Peter's Friends
Roger Anderson
    children: 2 sons (Ben and Simon)

Richard III
King Edward IV
    children: 2 sons (Prince Edward and Richard, duke of York)

Romeo and Juliet
Lord Capulet
    children: 1 daughter (Juliet)
Lord Montague
    children: 1 son (Romeo)

Sleeping Beauty
King Stephan
    children: 1 daughter (Princess Aurora)
King Hubert
    children: 1 son (Prince Phillip)

The Taming of the Shrew
    children: 2 daughters (Katharina and Bianca)
    children: 1 son (Lucentio)

    children: 1 son (Thor) and 1 adopted son (Loki)

The Untouchables
Eliot Ness
    children: 1 daughter, 1 son (John)

TV Show Fathers

"The Andy Griffith Show"
Andy Taylor
    children: 1 son (Opie)

"The Dick Van Dyke Show"
Rob Petrie
    children: 1 son (Richie)

Henry Spencer
    children: 1 son (Shawn)