Thor (2011)



Thor, the son of king Odin is exiled to Earth because of attitude. In Thor's absence, his evil brother Loki assumes the throne. Now Thor must, with the help of some newfound Earthling friends and some old friends, stop Loki and his allies the Frost Giants and restore peace.


I thought this was a good movie. Director Kenneth Branagh made me proud on this one. "A" for effort. I love how this movie ties in with Iron Man 2, but I won't go into detail. This movie was big - lots of special effects and a decent and fairly complex storyline, and enjoyable characters. I thought it had good character development. In the beginning, when we first meet Thor, he is headstrong, arrogant, rash, and hot-tempered, not at all likable, but throughout the movie, he comes around. He proves himself. He learns his lesson and gains compassion and even falls in love.


Favorite Actor: Chris Hemsworth
Favorite Character: Thor

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh


Chris Hemsworth ... Thor
Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster
Stellan Skarsgard ... Eric Selvig
Kat Dennings ... Darcy
Tom Hiddleton ... Loki
Anthony Hopkins ... Odin
Renee Russo
Clark Gregg ... Agent Coulsen

Theatrical Release Date: May 6, 2011
DVD Release Date: September 2011