The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part 1 (2011)



Edward and Bella get married. Their honeymoon turns into a nightmare after an unexpected pregnancy with a half-vampire fetus threatens Bella's life.


Overall, I thought it was really good. The CGI was really good in how they made Bella look disgustingly skinny. Romantic as always. Edward and Bella's wedding was pretty beautiful, and the tropical island honeymoon was breathtaking. The previous three books/ movies were all just leading up to this: Bella and Edward getting married and starting a family. Still a very weird story idea though, the half-human, half-vampire hybrid baby that drains Bella and she has to drink blood in order to nourish and it's a very bloody violent birth. How is it that dead vampire sperm can impregnate a living person? Oh well, I love that they have a kid.



Kristen Stewart ... Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson ... Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner ... Jacob Black
Peter Faccinelli ... Carlisle Cullen
Ashley Greene ... Alice Cullen
Nikki Reed ... Rosalie Hale
Jackson Rathborne ... Jasper Hale
Kellan Lusk ... Emmett Cullen
Billy Burke ... Charlie Swan

Theatrical Release Date: November 18, 2011
DVD Release Date: February 11, 2012