The Night of the Hunter (1955)



(I'm gonna be a little long on this one):
A treacherous preacher is put in jail for stealing a car, and in jail, his cellmate is a man who stole a bunch of money and is being sentenced to die. The big question is: where's the money? After the man's death, the preacher visits the man's family to try to find out if one of the family members know where the money is and as it turns out, the man's kids do. The preacher marries the widowed mother and becomes stepfather to the children, and then he kills the mother. After he has the kids all to himself, the preacher goes to many lengths to get the kids to tell where the money is, and the kids go on the run from him. Eventually, the preacher is apprehended and the kids live out the rest of their days with a kindly old lady who took them in out of goodness and love.


An extremely obsure movie that until September of '12, I had not ever heard of it. I knew Robert Mitchum from other movies sure, but I had never heard of this one, and to be honest, I actually kinda liked it. It's creepy and eery, yes.

Snaps: Snapshots:

Directed by: Charles Laughton


Robert Mitchum ... Rev. Harry Powell
Billy Chapin ... John Harper
Sally Jane Bruce ... Pearl Harper
Lillian Gish ... Rachel Cooper
Shelley Winters ... Willa Harper
Peter Graves ... Ben Harper