The LEGO Movie (2014)



An ordinary LEGO teams up with a group of special LEGOs called the Master Builders to thwart the evil president who plans to destroy the LEGO universe with a weapon called the Kragle.


So hilarious and clever and awesome. I'll admit I thought it was gonna be kind of stupid going in but was pleasantly surprised and it is everything I just said in the first sentence. Can't even imagine the time it took to make the movie, it looks so intricate with all the little moving parts because every bit of it is LEGO. Excellent voice casts. But warning, the song "Everything is Awesome" will be stuck in your head. Snapshots:


Chris Pratt ... (voice) Emmett Brickowski
Will Ferrell ... (voice) President Business / (voice) Lord Business / The Man Upstairs
Elizabeth Banks ... (voice) Wyldstyle / Lucy
Morgan Freeman ... (voice) Vitruvius
Will Arnett ... (voice) Batman / Bruce Wayne
Liam Neeson ... (voice) Bad Cop / Good Cop / Pa Cop
Jonah Hill ... (voice) Green Lantern
Channing Tatum ... (voice) Superman
Billy Dee Williams ... (voice) Lando Calrissian
Anthony Daniels ... (voice) C-3PO

Theatrical Release Date: February 7, 2014
DVD Release Date: June 17, 2014