The King's Speech (2010)


I think this a wonderful British movie. It has heart, it is inspirational. Firth and Rush are wonderful together, and Carter makes a top-notch queen. Although this is a British film, it has captured audiences in America as well. Firth won the Best Leading Actor award at the Oscars for this role and the movie itself won for Best Picture at the Oscars as well, so I may I just say "Jolly good show, chaps! Simply top-notch!" (sorry, couldn't resist). This is one of my favorite movies of 2010.

Production Stills:

Favorite Actor: Colin Firth
Favorite Character: King George VI


Colin Firth ... Prince Albert "Bertie" / King George VI
Geoffrey Rush ... Lionel Logue
Helena Bonham Carter ... Queen Elizabeth
Derek Jacobi ... Archbishop
Guy Pierce ... Prince David / King Edward VIII
Michael Gambon ... King George V
Jennifer Ehle ... Myrtle Logue
Timothy Spall ... Winston Churchill