The Godfather Trilogy (1972-1990)


Part I:
Don Vito Corleone runs his underground crime empire with the help of his sons Sonny and Michael.

Part II:
Michael Corleone runs the empire. (Flashbacks show the history of Vito as a younger man).

Part III:
Aging Michael Corleone faces further hardships.


Extremely violent, but with the most amazing actors in the business, and with iconic scenes that even if you haven't actually seen the movies, you'll recognize certain scenes like the guy waking up to find the horse head in his bed. If you've seen You've Got Mail, Tom Hanks' character references The Godfather a lot. "Leave the gun, take the canolies". Love the appearance by Robert De Niro in Part II as the young Vito Corleone.
It's hard to keep track of all the characters. There's five families involved in the underground crime movement and in just the Corleone family alone, Vito has four children (three boys: Santino "Sonny", Freddo, and Michael, and a daughter Connie) and each of them has two or three children apiece.

I actually haven't seen part III yet, just parts I and II. Snapshots:
Part I (1972)

Part II (1974)

Part III (1990)

Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola


Marlon Brando ... Vito Corleone
James Caan ... Santino "Sonny" Corleone
Al Pacino ... Michael Corleone
Robert De Niro ... younger Vito Corleone