The Big Country (1958)



Newly arrived in town, a man finds himself embroiled in a family feud, each seeking a critical piece of land.


Pretty enjoyable. I like the music. A moving moment comes about 2 hr 20 min into the movie. It takes a little explaining. From the beginning of the movie up to that point, Peck's character Jim never fought anyone or did anything when other people expected him to be a man, and he was thought of by most (including his betrothed) to be a coward. But 2 hr 20 min into the movie, Jim is trying to bust out the best friend of his betrothed (who is at this point no longer his betrothed), who is being held by the other family. One of the sons wants to fight Jim over the girl, and the moving part is that this time, without hesitation, Jim fights with him and is ready to go to any lengths to prove himself, without a moment's thought or reserve.


Directed by: William Wyler


Gregory Peck ... Jim McKay
Charlton Heston ... Steve Leach
Burl Ives ... Rufus Hennessy
Jean Simmons ... Julie Maragon