Silverado (1985)



Emmett comes across a man who was left to die in the desert named Paden. The two of them bust out Emmett's brother Jake, who has been put in jail, and the group then adds a sharpshooter Mal to the gang and they go after a crooked sheriff. However this puts the men's families in danger; Emmett and Jake's sister and her husband and son, and Mal's sister.


I will say that I liked it a lot better the second time around than I did when I first saw it. I first saw it during my Kevin Kline phase, and now again when I discovered Kevin Costner was in it, which I did not remember. Costner is such a kid in this; he's a super energetic, smiley goofball. Sometimes you can't quite tell who is who if it's not a close shot and a lot of the characters have scruffy full beards.


Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan


Scott Glenn ... Emmett
Kevin Kline ... Paden
Kevin Costner ... Jake
Danny Glover ... Mal
Linda Hunt ... Stella
Jeff Goldblum ... Slick
John Cleese ... Sheriff John Langston