Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)



Robin, the son of a nobleman, returns home after serving alongside the king in the Crusades in Jerusalem only to find that things are rather different. His father is dead, and now an outlaw, Robin must team up with a gang of renegades hiding in the forest to stop the ambitious Sheriff of Nottingham who plots to take over the kingdom.


It's the movie that "Men in Tights" parodies which is awesome because that's one of my favorite movies. I had seen this after seeing "Men in Tights" and I just watched this and noticed the scenes that are parodied. I was a bit surprised by the movie on some levels. It's very dark and violent, and I wasn't quite expecting it to be so. And there's no Prince John? Snapshots:


Kevin Costner ... Robin Hood
Alan Rickman ... Sheriff of Nottingham
Morgan Freeman ... Azim
Christian Slater ... Will Scarlet
Geraldine McEwan ... Mortiana
Sean Connery ... King Richard
Brian Blessed ... Lord Locksley