Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)



Jack Sparrow finds himself aboard the ship manned by the infamous pirate Blackbeard, whose first mate is his daughter Angelica. The crew embarks on a quest for the Fountain of Youth.


I haven't quite firmly set, this might either be the second best or the third best Pirates movie. Right now it's kind of tied for 2nd best with Dead Man's Chest. I thought this one was really good. I've very tempted to just say it's the second best, but it's missing Will and Elizabeth, which are two very pivotal characters in the franchise. On Stranger Tides does have Captain Barbossa, which is a major plus for me seeing as he's my favorite character. And of course, Jack Sparrow's antics are always enjoyable. Another character I also kind of missed was Commodor Norrington, which he couldn't have been in this one because he died in the third movie but still. Anyway, overall, very good, another rollicking adventure as only pirates can do.

Production Stills:


Johnny Depp ... Jack Sparrow
Penelope Cruz ... Angelica
Ian McShane ... Blackbeard
Geoffrey Rush ... Captain Hector Barbossa

Theatrical Release Date: May 20, 2011
DVD Release Date: September 2011