My Week with Marilyn (2011)



An eager young lad Colin Clarke lands a job on the set of a new movie called The Sleeping Prince with Lawrence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe, and Colin becomes good friends with Marilyn.


It was interesting in a way. Sorry but not really believing Branagh as Lawrence Olivier, still looked like Branagh just a kinda funny version.
*several of the actors, Branagh has worked with in other films. Judi Dench, who is Dame Sybill, was in Henry V. Richard Clifford was in Henry VLove's Labor's Lost and As You Like It. Alex Lowe, who is an extra in the background, was in Peter's FriendsMuch Ado About Nothing, and Frankenstein. Gerard Horan, who is a stage hand that yells at Colin for moving a chair, was in Much Ado About Nothing and Frankenstein. Derek Jacobi, who is Sir Owen Moreshead, was in Henry V, Dead Again, and Hamlet. And Emma Watson, who is costumer Lucy, was in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.*



Michelle Williams ... Marilyn Monroe
Kenneth Branagh ... Lawrence Olivier
Diane Venora ... Valerie
Dominic Cooper
Judi Dench ... Dame Sybill
Emma Watson ... Lucy
Richard Clifford
Gerard Horan
Alex Lowe
Derek Jacobi ... Owen Morsehead