Love Actually (2003)



Several love stories that take place around Christmas-time.


A very silly, but very romantic movie, although most of the movie is filled with vulgarity and sexual implications. However, that aside, I really like this movie, probably mostly for Colin Firth. He's probably the only good thing about this movie, but there are some very sweet romantic moments and I really like the performance of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" near the end of the movie. Lots of famous British actors. As I touched on in the "New Year's Eve" movie review, Love Actually is like the British, Christmas, lots more raunchy equivalent of New Year's Eve (2011).



Hugh Grant ... David
Liam Neeson ... Daniel
Colin Firth ... Jamie
Emma Thompson ... Karen
Alan Rickman ... Harry
Bill Nighy ... Billy Mack
Laura Linney ... Sarah
Keira Knightley ... Juliet
Martin Freeman ... John "Jack"
Rowan Atkinson ... jewelry clerk
Billy Bob Thornton ... American president