Limitless (2011)


This movie was interesting to say the least. To me, I didn't think the story moved along quick enough. I thought it was kind of slow. It was also trippy because it's about a drug ... but a kind of awesome drug. Minus the side-effects, NZT (the drug's name) seems like a drug you would totally want to take - it makes you super smart, super productive, etc.
Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro are both really cool actors, so this movie had that going for it.


Favorite Actor: tie, I like both Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with De Niro
Favorite Character: don't have one


Bradley Cooper ... Eddie Morra
Robert De Niro ... Carl Van Loon

Theatrical Release Date: March 18, 2011
DVD Release Date: October 2011