How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (2001)



A moody writer has a lot on his plate: his wife is pushing to try for children, his new play is a disaster, he's making friends with his new 8-year-old neighbor, and he's getting no sleep because the neighbor's dog is constantly barking through the night.


A very strange, obscure movie. I will give it some credit for having great leading man and lady: Kenneth Branagh and Robin Wright. I love the parts that feature Branagh's character Peter interacting with and befriending the little girl Amy. I also love that the characters Peter and Melanie are trying for a baby (well Melanie is, Peter doesn't want kids at first but after he befriends Amy, by the end, he's on board with having kids too). A lot of scenes I don't like, for example, the scenes in the theater during rehearsal for the play Peter wrote. Other scenes I don't really like are between Peter and his doppleganger.



Kenneth Branagh ... Peter McGowan
Robin Wright ... Melanie McGowan
Lynn Redgrave ... Melanie's mother
David Krumsky
Bebe Neuwirth
Jared Harris ... Peter's doppleganger