Henry V (1989)



King Henry V of England and his army go to war against the French.


Epic Branagh-ness! A representation of Branagh's directing debut and his first really big great movie. Absolutely perfect production, perfect cast. However, there is one scene that doesn't quite make sense: its a flashback to the pub with Falstaff and he and Hal are talking and then the talking is in their heads and not actually verbalized, its a little wierd. Can they read each other's thoughts? But everything else is great, perfect.


page created May 11, 2012

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh


Kenneth Branagh ... King Henry V
Brian Blessed ... Duke of Exeter
Derek Jacobi ... Chorus
Ian Holm ... Fluellen
Christian Bale ... Boy
Jimmy Yuill ... Jamy
Richard Briers ... Bardolph
Judi Dench ... Hostess
Paul Scofield ... King Charles
Michael Maloney ... Lewis the Dauphin
Richard Clifford ... French Duke
Emma Thompson ... Princess Katherine
Geraldine McEwan ... Alice
Patrick Doyle ... Court
Robbie Coltrane ... Sir John Falstaff