Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)



Hogwarts students are endangered by a mysterious and unknown monster.


Either my second or my third favorite Harry Potter movie, I haven't quite decided yet. Out of all the books and movies, this is the most, if not the only who-done-it mystery solving. This one is the most mysterious is what I meant. I like when the Weasleys fly their dad's enchanted car to the Dursleys' house and break Harry out. Kenneth Branagh is perfect and hilarious as Gilderoy Lockhart, just have to say. You are introduced to a lot of new characters like Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy and even from the getgo he's always seemed up to no good, on the bad side. Poor Dobby, having to work for the Malfoy family. And the spider scene is so creepy.



Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter
Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley
Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger
Kenneth Branagh ... Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart
Alan Rickman ... Prof. Severus Snape
Robbie Coltrane ... Rubeus Hagrid
Richard Harris ... Prof. Albus Dumbledore
Maggie Smith ... Prof. Minerva McGonagall
Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy
Miriam Margolyes ... Prof. Sprout
Mark Williams ... Mr. Arthur Weasley
Jason Isaacs ... Mr. Lucius Malfoy
David Bradley ... Mr. Argus Filch
John Cleese ... Nearly Headless Nick
Directed by: Chris Columbus