Hamlet (1996)



A prince vows revenge on his uncle who killed his father the king.


By far my favorite and I think the best movie version of "Hamlet" there is. The cast is just perfect. The time period for the setting works stupendously, and the costumes are fantastic, especially Branagh's as Hamlet. The ghost scene is way creepy and scary which actually totally works although it is over-the-top, much like most things Branagh does. It is way long: 4 hours, not ideal, but it is uncut, no lines spared, completely the entire script. And not a fan of Hamlet's bleach-blonde hair or the facial hair: mustache and silly triangle-shaped goatee. Branagh should've kept his regular look, brown hair and clean-shaven, maybe some stubble. And Jacobi should've kept his grey hair instead of dyeing it blonde either. I know it may seem like quite a bit of criticism for a movie that I also said was perfect and stupendous and fantastic, but the criticisms are overpowered by the general overall pure masterpiece that is this movie. And like I said, definitely by far my favorite movie of "Hamlet".


Directed by: Kenneth Branagh


Kenneth Branagh ... Hamlet
Derek Jacobi ... Claudius
Julie Christie ... Gertrude
Richard Briers ... Polonius
Michael Maloney ... Laertes
Kate Winslet ... Ophelia
Nicholas Farrell ... Horatio
Brian Blessed ... Ghost
Timothy Spall ... Rosencrantz
Reece Dinsdale ... Guildenstern
Rufus Sewell ... Fortinbras
Charlton Heston ... Player King
Rosemary Harris ... Player Queen
Robin Williams ... Osric
Billy Crystal ... First Gravedigger
Jack Lemmon ... Marcellus
Gerard Depardieu ... Reynaldo
Richard Attenborough ... English Ambassador
John Gielgud ... Priam
Judi Dench ... Hecuba