Frankenstein (1994)



A doctor endures repercussions after bringing a specially designed corpse back to life.


What a weird combination: Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Frankenstein and Robert De Niro as his monster. Personally, I think it totally works, but I'm just saying that because they're my number 1 and number 4 favorite actors. This movie was where Ken fell in love with Helena Bonham Carter which may or may not have been a factor in or the reason of Ken's split with wife Emma Thompson in 1995, but probably. Anyway, back to the movie. Ken made the absolute right call and brought in Patrick Doyle (whom has done the score on countless other Ken films) to do the score, which totally heightens the movie. Another great thing is that Ken has his shirt off a lot in the movie, and he is totally cut! The movie definitely captures the right eerie and dark tone needed to pull off this kind of horror movie. Although they at least didn't have to make the wedding night scene so graphic. Look for, I guess a kind of amusing, I don't know if that's the right word, but a cameo by John Cleese as Professor Waldman. Ok so this movie isn't perfect to the actual story but it's pretty close; it's perfect compared to the stupid 1930s black-and-white movie.


Directed by: Kenneth Branagh


Kenneth Branagh ... Dr. Victor Frankenstein
Robert De Niro ... The Creature
Helena Bonham Carter ... Elizabeth
Tom Hulce ... Henry Clervall
Ian Holm ... Baron Frankenstein
Robert Hardy ... Prof. Kremp
John Cleese ... Prof. Waldman
Aidan Quinn ... Capt. Robert Walton
Jimmy Yuill ... sailor
Alex Lowe ... sailor