Field of Dreams (1989)



A farmer builds a baseball field in his cornfield, and ghost baseball players come out of the cornfield and play.


A great movie, an absolute classic. And Costner is SO hot in this movie, I think the best he's looked in any of them. Although what is up with this story? Where do these baseball players come from? It makes no sense. And why can only certain people actually see the players? And they disappear into the cornfield? I do really like the last scene where he finally gets to play catch with his dad, which was his one big regret that he never got to. And the daughter is so cute, really adorable the father-daughter interactions.

Snapshots: Snapshots:

Directed by: Phil Alden Robinson


Kevin Costner ... Ray Kinsella
Amy Madigan ... Annie Kinsella
Gaby Hoffman ... Karin Kinsella
Ray Liotta ... Shoeless Joe Jackson
James Earl Jones ... Terrence Mann
Timothy Busfield ... Mark
Frank Whaley ... Archie Graham
Dwier Brown ... John Kinsella