Entrapment (1999)



An investigator originally sent to catch a retired thief changes course and the two end up committing a heist together at the beginning of the millenium.


An intriguing and compelling duo in Connery and Zeta-Jones. Entertaining and engaging, very suspenseful. And there are certainly some very sensual scenes. Not quite sure what to think about the romantic aspect because of the age difference. The big heist finale scene certainly packs the suspense and keeps you on your toes in anticipation on what's going to happen, if, despite everything that's stacked them, they will in fact pull off and get away with the heist.
Although I will admit I have not seen the whole thing. I caught it partway through and stuck it out to the end.

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Directed by: Jon Amiel


Sean Connery ... Robert "Mac" MacDougal
Catherine Zeta-Jones ... Virginia "Gin" Baker
Ving Rhames ... Aaron Thibadeaux