Ella Enchanted (2004)



A young woman who is cursed with total obedience tries to rid herself of her curse by going on an adventure to locate her estranged fairy godmother. Along the way, she comes across a handsome prince and his evil uncle secretly trying to steal the throne, an elf, ogres, giants, and a man that is trapped inside the cover of a book from an enchantment gone awry.


Very cute, very imaginative, very romantic, that's really all I have to say. It's a fairy tale with a prince and magic and all that good stuff and the scenery is very pretty.



Directed by: Tommy O'Haver


Anne Hathaway ... Ella
Hugh Dancy ... Prince Charmont "Char"
Cary Elwes ... Edgar
Steve Coogan ... (voice) Heston
Aidan McArdle ... Slannen
Lucy Punch ... Hattie
Jennifer Higham ... Olive
Jimy Mistry ... Benny
Eric Idle ... Narrator
Minnie Driver ... Mandy
Patrick Bergin ... Peter
Joanna Lumley ... Dame Olga
Vivica A. Fox ... Lucinda
Jim Carter ... Nish