Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)



A puny weakling of a man who has failed, try as he might, to enter the army is singled out to partake in a scientific experiment that transforms him into a muscular super-human.


Chris Evans is perfect as Captain America. How did they make him so skinny in the beginning scenes? A very captivating use of CGI and special effects. Captain America (aka Steve Rogers), aside from being a superhero, is a perfect caring gentleman.
Kind of interesting the building up to The Avengers, referring to specific inclusion of "The First Avenger" in the Captain America title and at the very end of the movie, past the credits, there is a preview for The Avengers.
And funny the connection between the Avenger movies: The Tessaract, an energy source from Asgard where Thor comes from is the weapon of choice for Captain America's nemesis. And Captain America and his buddy go to the Stark expo and Howard Stark is a main character; Howard Stark being Iron Man (Tony Stark)'s father and the Stark Expo is a hotspot setting in Iron Man 2.


page created June 20, 2012


Chris Evans ... Steve Rogers / Captain America
Tommy Lee Jones
Hugo Weaving ... Johann Schmidt
Dominic Cooper ... Howard Stark
Stanley Tucci