A Fish Called Wanda (1988)



After robbing a jeweler, a series of double-crossings ensues. Wanda and Otto are secretly lovers and they turn in their partner George to get him out of the way, only George has secretly moved the loot to an unknown location. So Wanda hatches a plan to seduce George's lawyer Archie in order to gain information if George tells him where the loot is.


Raunchy as can be, but absolutely hilarious. Well, I guess the humor's an acquired taste. If you love Monty Python, you'll really enjoy this movie, seeing as it has two Python alumni, Cleese and Palin.
Not everyone pick up on this but Archie Leach is the real name of actor Cary Grant.



Jamie Lee Curtis ... Wanda Gerschwitz
John Cleese ... Archie Leach
Kevin Kline ... Otto West
Michael Palin ... Ken Pile
Tom Georgeson ... George Thomason
Cynthia Cleese ... Portia Leach
Stephen Fry ... man in airport